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Calendar of holidays and school vacations in Germany

The German law establishes official holidays free from work, but not every holiday is valid throughout Germany. Some holidays are valid only for certain federated states (lands), and one holiday is fixed only for one city. In each land of Germany school vacations also have their own schedule and duration and are usually different from holidays in other lands of the country. In addition, each school has the opportunity to independently set several days during the year as a flexible schedule vacation.

§ What holiday is it today in Germany

Today, on 2 July 2022 Germany has no official national holiday, which would be a day off from work.

Upcoming popular holidays:

* - public holiday (in which regions of Germany the holiday is a day free from work, see below on the calendar)

A comprehensive schedule of popular, folk, religious holidays in Germany

§ Calendar of public holidays and school vacations in Germany

In the calendar below you will find all public holidays in Germany, valid throughout the country or only in some of its lands. For more information about the red letter dates, click on them or hover the mouse over them. Besides, detailed information about the holiday will be provided by the following schedule of holidays in Germany for 2022.

To view the calendars of holidays and vacations in the federated state of Germany you need, go to the list of calendars by land(federated state) of Germany.

Calendar of public holidays in Germany

§ Non-working days in Germany in 2022

For information about holidays in Germany for other years, go to the German calendar and change the year.

Working hours in Germany are set from Monday to Saturday, so Sunday in Germany is an official non-working day. However, many people in Germany work 5 days a week, so Saturday is also a day off for them. In addition, public holidays established by law are non-working days in Germany. Some of these days fall on Saturday and Sunday, others - on weekdays. Besides, in a number of lands(federated states) or regions of Germany, the law establishes additional public holidays.

The following list shows the number of Saturdays and Sundays and official public holidays in the German calendar 2022.

The number of days off in Germany in 2022.

Days offNumber
The number of Saturdays per year53
Sundays per year52
The number of official all-German holidays, total11
The number of official all-German holidays, falling not on Sunday7
The number of official all-German holidays, falling neither on Saturday or Sunday6
Additional holidays, depending on land of Germany
see below in the holidays schedule
from 0 to 8

Thus, in 2022 Germany has 111 days off, including all Saturdays, Sundays and official German holidays that do not fall either on Saturdays or Sundays. Depending on the land of Germany, this number can be at most by 8 days more.

§ Schedule of public holidays in Germany

The following table shows the schedule of public holidays in Germany, indicating the regions in which this holiday is a day off.

To view all the popular and religious holidays in Germany, go to an individual page of our site.

Schedule of public holidays in Germany

Date The name of the holiday Lands, regions
1 January 2022
52 KW
New Year's Day
Nationwide holiday
6 January 2022
01 KW
 Heilige Drei Könige
Valid only in lands:
- Baden-Württemberg,
- Bavaria,
- Saxony-Anhalt
8 March 2022
10 KW
International Women's Day
 Internationaler Frauentag
Valid only in lands:
- Berlin
15 April 2022
15 KW
Good Friday
Nationwide holiday
17 April 2022
15 KW
Nationwide holiday
18 April 2022
16 KW
Easter Monday
Nationwide holiday
1 May 2022
17 KW
Labor Day, May 1
 1. Mai
Nationwide holiday
26 May 2022
21 KW
Ascension of Christ
 Christi Himmelfahrt
Nationwide holiday
5 June 2022
22 KW
Nationwide holiday
6 June 2022
23 KW
Pentecost, 2nd day
Nationwide holiday
16 June 2022
24 KW
Corpus Christi
Valid only in lands:
- Baden-Württemberg,
- Bavaria,
- Hesse,
- North Rhine-Westphalia,
- Rhineland-Palatinate,
- Saarland
8 August 2022
32 KW
Augsburg Peace Festival
 Augsburger Friedensfest
Valid only in lands:
- Bavaria only in Augsburg
15 August 2022
33 KW
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
 Mariä Himmelfahrt
Valid only in lands:
- Bavaria,
- Saarland
3 October 2022
40 KW
German Unity Day
 Tag der Deutschen Einheit
Nationwide holiday
31 October 2022
44 KW
Reformation Day
Valid only in lands:
- Brandenburg,
- Hamburg,
- Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
- Saxony,
- Saxony-Anhalt,
- Schleswig-Holstein,
- Thuringia
1 November 2022
44 KW
All Saints' Day
Valid only in lands:
- Baden-Württemberg,
- Bavaria,
- North Rhine-Westphalia,
- Rhineland-Palatinate,
- Saarland
16 November 2022
46 KW
Day of Prayer and Repentance
 Buß- und Bettag
Valid only in lands:
- Saxony
25 December 2022
51 KW
Nationwide holiday
26 December 2022
52 KW
The 2nd day of Christmas
 2. Weihnachtstag
Nationwide holiday

View the whole table: all holidays in Germany.


In the list below you will find the schedule of the upcoming school vacations in Germany. To view the schedule of all school vacations: autumn, spring, summer, winter, Christmas, as well as on holidays, go to the calendars of holidays and school vacations in the lands of Germany.

Information about school vacations is provided in accordance with the data of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lands (Kultusministerkonferenz). Some scheduled school vacation dates could be changed. Most actual information can be obtained from the Lands School Boardd (corresponding links in the calendars by state/land).

Schedule of school vacations in Germany

Christmas holidays/ vacation (Weihnachtsferien)

Winter vacations (Winterferien)

Spring break (Osterferien/Frühjahrferien)

Ascension holidays (Himmelfahrt/Pfingstferien)

Summer vacations (Sommerferien)

Autumn vacations (Herbstferien)

§ Information about popular holidays in Germany

To view complete information on/ about the state/ public as well as unofficial popular and religious holidays in Germany, go to the table with the information about holidays in Germany. In the table you will find the dates, customs, origin of the holidays, as well as popular greetings and wishes for the holidays.

However, note that in Germany, besides popular and generally accepted holidays, there are also many local domestic holidays, for example, holidays of cities, large enterprises and organizations, even holidays of streets or city districts. In addition, there are traditional holidays held in connection with the harvest of cherries, pumpkins and other fruits or vegetables, annual fairs and so on. Such holidays are noisy and merry, but they do not have fixed dates and are set annually by the organizers of the holidays. Information on holding such celebrations can be found on the Internet on the sites of the cities, districts or companies that are of interest to you.

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