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On this page you will find analytical data about the traffic to our site per day, month or year. The statistics are generated based on the Google Analytics data, which are recorded every time you view the site pages. The statistics include aggregate data of the main domain, as well as its main sections (the sites located on subdomains:,,

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Daily website traffic for the last 2 weeks

Diagram 1 presents/ shows the data on the visitors and pageviews of the site in the period from 7 january to 21 january 2021.

Monthly website traffic for the last 3 months

The diagram and table below present the data on the website visitors and the number of pages they viewed for the last months from october to december 2020.

Table 2. Website traffic data for the last 3 months

Month Visitors Visits Pageviews
October 128'884 155'981 263'881
November 129'307 155'559 263'895
December 137'924 163'594 270'237

Website traffic for the year

Further on, the diagram and table below present detailed annual statistics of the traffic to our site and its main sections in the period from january 2020 to december 2020.

Table 3. Detailed website traffic data for the year

Site section Visitors Visits Pageviews Number of pages (1) New (2) Time (3)
Portal, main pages 1'183'816 1'549'780 2'479'194 2,1 75,0% 1 min.
33 sec.
Free classified ads and business advertising 235'326 301'907 660'538 2,8 76,7% 1 min.
53 sec.
Living sparingly in Germany 137'044 165'031 279'116 2,0 82,1% 1 min.
38 sec.
Online shopping in Germany 35'071 40'063 98'584 2,8 87,0% 1 min.
45 sec.
TOTAL: 1'591'257 2'056'781 3'517'432 2,2 76,1% 1 мин.
36 сек.

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