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The information on this page is taken from the section "Jobs and job offers" of our online newspaper. Here you will find the latest job offers suitable for foreigners and migrants residing in Germany or labor migrants planning to move here.

§ Why is work in Germany offered in English, Russian, Polish?

It seems strange to see a large number of job offers in Germany in English, Russian, Polish. Why is this happening? This is due to the following four factors:

Some migrants have their own business in Germany and are ready to hire people who speak their native language, even more willingly than locals, others open intermediary firms and employ migrants to work in the positions that do not require good knowledge of the German language. Typical examples of such jobs: an assistant in a warehouse, kitchen or in construction.

Since there is a great need for skilled personnel, many companies pay their employees if they bring new employees to the company, therefore, foreign employees of the companies independently seek new employees for their company, helping them to find a job in the company where they work and earning good remuneration. A typical example of this case is a lot of jobs for drivers, as well as jobs in the IT sector or medicine.

Besides, a large number of job offers for foreigners embraces work as a nanny, cleaning lady, nurse or housewife. For a well-to-do family, hiring a Russian, Romanian, Polish migrant is much cheaper and has a number of other advantages.

And finally, according to a study in the German sector of Germany, several tens of thousands of job offers include the requirement to know English, Russian, Polish or another foreign language, these are vacancies for the most part in the field of trade, manufacturing and healthcare. This is explained by the existing trade relations between other countries and Germany.

§ Warnings for job seekers

On the Internet, among the job offers, there are also quite a lot of offers of scammers involved in the theft of money, documents and identity cards from job seekers, as well as a lot of offers from unscrupulous employers. We remove all job postings that seem fraudulent to us, however, be careful when looking for a job. For more information on how to protect yourself from scammers and fraudsters when looking for a job in Germany, as well as how to protect yourself from forced labour and human trafficking in Germany, read on dedicated pages of our website.

§ Recent job postings

Further on the list you will find job offers distributed under the headings of the online newspaper for foreigners in Germany. To go to the selected category, click on the name of the category. This will take you to a page containing job offers and employers contact details.

248 vacancies in the category Skilled work, vacancies

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64362 (job offer on Russian): Автослесарь, Автомеханик, Моторист в Берлин (11.02.2021)

  • Salary: 1200-1600
  • Working hours: 08.30-17.30

Job Nr 64158 (job offer on Russian): Планировщик кухонь, Wartenberg (24.12.2020)

  • Salary: Gute Verdienstmöglichkeiten
  • Knowledge of languages: Deutsch, Russisch
  • Working hours: Vollzeit / Teilzeit

Job Nr 64093 (job offer on Russian): Электрик, Штуттгарт (08.12.2020)

225 vacancies in the category Any unskilled work

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64072 (job offer on Russian): Разнорабочий (30.11.2020)

  • Salary: 8-10
  • Working hours: посменная

455 vacancies in the category Work on a construction site, foremasters and workers

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 61584 (job offer on Russian): Строители, маляры, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden (05.02.2021)

Job Nr 64331 (job offer on Russian): Сантехник и монтажник (05.02.2021)

  • Salary: Зарплата 2200-2500 евро
  • Knowledge of languages: начальный немецкий
  • Working hours: с 7.00 часов -17.00

Job Nr 64186 (job offer on Russian): Мастера-строители, Нюрнберг (04.01.2021)

  • Salary: почасовая
  • Knowledge of languages: не обязательно
  • Working hours: 7-17

Job Nr 64020 (job offer on Russian): Монтажник, Erkrath (16.11.2020)

Job Nr 61584 (job offer on Russian): Строители, маляры, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden (12.11.2020)

Job Nr 64015 (job offer on Russian): Инженер-строитель, Mahlow (12.11.2020)

Job Nr 63969 (job offer on Russian): Разнорабочие на стройку, Badenweiler (03.11.2020)

  • Salary: по-договоренности
  • Working hours: 8 часов

Job Nr 63980 (job offer on Russian): Прораб, Баденвайлер (03.11.2020)

Job Nr 63941 (job offer on Russian): Kаменщик, плиточник, Вильгельмсхафен (20.10.2020)

  • Salary: 2500-3500 €
  • Working hours: 08:00 - 17:00

Job Nr 63832 (job offer on Russian): Монтажник лифтов (10.09.2020)

  • Salary: от 1500 до 3000 евро

79 vacancies in the category Working as a guide, translator, and language teacher

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 63789 (job offer on Russian): Переводчик, Großbeeren (17.12.2020)

  • Knowledge of languages: Русский, Немецкий-С2, Английский В2-С1

51 vacancies in the category Working as an economist, accountant

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 63994 (job offer on Russian): Экономист, Берлин (06.11.2020)

  • Salary: По договренности
  • Knowledge of languages: немецкий и русский языки -свободное владение
  • Working hours: 9.00-18.00

153 vacancies in the category Working as a manager, executive in Germany

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64400 (job offer on Russian): Управляющий персонала на судостроительной верфи в городе Papenburg (19.02.2021)

  • Salary: 1600
  • Knowledge of languages: немецкий
  • Working hours: 40 часов/неделя

Job Nr 64218 (job offer on Russian): Помощник менеджера (14.01.2021)

Job Nr 64134 (job offer on Russian): Менеджер по продажам оборудования, Großbeeren (19.12.2020)

  • Salary: по-договоренности
  • Knowledge of languages: Владение русским языком
  • Working hours: 40 часов в неделю

101 vacancies in the category Working as a programmer, designer, media

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 63984 (job offer on Russian): Системный администратор, Франкфурт (03.11.2020)

  • Salary: по договоренности
  • Working hours: гибкое

147 vacancies in the category Working as a cook, pastry chef, baker, in the cook room

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64337 (job offer on Russian): Повар , Кондитер, Кухонный сотрудник, Фасовщик в Mahlow (09.02.2021)

  • Salary: от 2000 брутто Повар и Кондитер; 10 евро/час Фасовщик и Кухонный сотрудник
  • Knowledge of languages: не обязательно
  • Working hours: 8:00 - 17:00

64 vacancies in the category Working as a seamstress, apparel cutter in Germany

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64036 (job offer on Russian): Швея, Рюген (20.11.2020)

  • Salary: 12€/час
  • Knowledge of languages: русский или немецкий
  • Working hours: по договорённости

118 vacancies in the category Work abroad in Europe and the European Union countries

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64327 (job offer on Russian): Экскаваторщик, укладчик брусчатки, Падеборн (05.02.2021)

  • Salary: 2400
  • Working hours: Понная занятость

507 vacancies in the category Work at home as a nanny, nurse, housewife

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64217 (job offer on Russian): домработница-помошница по хозяйству (11.01.2021)

  • Salary: Зарплата 1300-1400 евро в месяц

133 vacancies in the category Cleaning of apartments and offices

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64161 (job offer on Russian): Уборка квартиры, Бад Киссинген (25.12.2020)

  • Salary: по договорённости
  • Working hours: 10.00

115 vacancies in the category Working on the farm, in agriculture, in the garden

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64216 (job offer on Russian): Уход за лошадьми на ферме (11.01.2021)

  • Salary: 1400 евро в месяц

Job Nr 64215 (job offer on Russian): Помощник фермера (11.01.2021)

  • Salary: 1400-1500 евро

53 vacancies in the category Working as a delivery courier, courier driver

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 64176 (job offer on Russian): Водитель-курьер, Галле (30.12.2020)

  • Salary: 1500-1800 evro
  • Working hours: Понедельник-пятница

79 vacancies in the category Installation, tooling, and setup work in Germany

Latest job offers:

Job Nr 61424 (job offer on Russian): Сборщик кухонь, Фулда (08.12.2020)

  • Salary: 1300 - 2000
  • Working hours: 45 - 50 ч/нед

Job Nr 63873 (job offer on Russian): Мебельщик-сборщик, Mainz (24.09.2020)

  • Salary: 1600-1980
  • Knowledge of languages: Немецкий
  • Working hours: 8

You can view all the vacancies by going to the section of our website devoted to work for migrants and foreigners in Germany: Work in Germany, where you can post your ad about a job search or a job offer.

Information on unemployment benefits in Germany can be found on a dedicated page of the website.

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