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Immigration to Germany: more than 20 methods - ways of emigrating from other countries to Germany

In this section of our website you will learn about the many ways of emigrating from other countries to Germany, which documents give the right to permanent residence, citizenship, long-term stay in the country. Each migration opportunity is considered in detail on a dedicated page of the website.

Permanent residence in Germany

Permanent residence in Germany: 20 ways to relocate, to move to permanent residence in Germany

For theresidents of the European Union there is no problem getting a permanent residence permit in Germany; all you have to do is to rent a house and find a job, but for the citizens of other countries, like CIS countries this is not possible, they have to find a suitable way to obtain a permit for a long-term stay in the country, have a stable income that allows to do without financial support on the part of the state and, finally, meet a number of conditions. Only after a long-term stay in the country they will be able to obtain a residence permit or citizenship, which give the right to permanent residence. However, for some categories of people there is a chance of quickly and legally obtaining the right to permanent residence. In this section, you will learn about 20 ways to relocate to Germany and obtain a permanent residence permit.

Residence permit in Germany

Residence permit in Germany - conditions and possibilities for obtaining a residence permit

The residence permit of the Federal Republic of Germany is a document granting the most rights to a foreigner in the country, it gives the right to an indefinite term of residence and unlimited labour activity, employment. In this section of the website you will learn about the advantages of obtaining a German residence permit for the citizens of some other countries, in comparison with other documents that grant the right to stay in the country, as well as how to get a residence permit, what documents are required, how much it costs to obtain a residence permit, etc.

How to obtain the German citizenship

How to obtain the German citizenship for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, the EU: 7 ways to obtain the citizenship

The German legislation provides for various opportunities for foreigners to obtain or be admitted to the German citizenship. The main methods of obtaining the citizenship are by birth, as well as for foreigners living for a long time in the country, however, there are other ways. You will learn about the basic conditions for getting the citizenship for the citizens of other foreigners, as well as the procedure for registration and the cost of obtaining the citizenship in Germany. Specifically considered is the issue of renunciation, abandonment and loss, surrender of the German citizenship (denaturalization).

Citizenship of a child born in Germany

An individual page of our website is dedicated to the topic of obtaining the citizenship by children born in Germany. Here you will find out under what conditions a child born in the country can become a German citizen; the legislation/ the law applies 2 principles: the one of origin and of the birthplace. In addition, the website page says, in which case the children of foreigners born in Germany are entitled to dual citizenship.

Visas to Germany

Visas: types and categories of national and Schengen visas to Germany, visa-free entry into the country

A visa is a document that allows you to enter and stay in another country. Citizens of the EU countries, as well as of some other states, can stay in Germany without a visa, for others a visa is a prerequisite, a mandatory condition. Find out on this page of our website about the conditions for obtaining visas, types and categories of national and Schengen visas for Germany.

Labour migration to Germany

How to leave for and get a job in Germany: labour migration, employment visas/ work visas

To find and get a job in Germany, citizens of many countries have to get a work permit. Germany provides many opportunities to find and get a job for migrant workers. To do this, you have to have your foreign educational qualifications recognized and get an invitation - a guarantee for a workplace. Learn more about this process from this section of our website.

The au-pair program in Germany

A program for young people that allows them to come to Germany for 1 year and live in a German family to learn the German language and get acquainted with/ come to know the German culture. Here we describe the main conditions and requirements of this program, as well as the possibility of finding a host family.

Volunteer programs, voluntary social (service) and environmental year in Germany

In Germany, there are various volunteer programs for both the youth/ young people and adults, lasting up to 24 months. Participation in these programs provides an opportunity to improve the knowledge of the German language, to gain interesting international experience. On this page of the website, you will find out the details and conditions of volunteer programs, as well as how to get a visa to participate in one of these programs.

Studying in Germany for foreigners

Studying in Germany for foreigners: educational system, scholarships, visas, practice, search for a place of study

After finishing school and obtaining a matriculation certificate, young people have an opportunity to apply to one of the German universities or vocational schools for post-secondary education in Germany. Here you will find out what conditions for studying in Germany have to be met by foreigners, what the educational system in the country is like, how to get a visa and access to the German higher education. This section also discusses the possibilities of getting education for free/ on a free-of-charge basis and scholarships for foreign applicants.

Marriage with a German citizen

Marriage with a German citizen: issues of citizenship, residence and law

Marriages between citizens of different countries have become commonplace, but many issues and problems arise on the way to such a wedlock. First of all, a foreign spouse has to review/ know the German marriage law, which may differ from the one in his/ her country, and in this regard, their obligations and rights as husband or wife may appear to be different as well. Besides, they have to observe a lot of formalities and prepare all the required documents, translate and legalize validate them. Information on the said topic can be found in this section of the website. This section deals with the rights of a foreign spouse to reside in Germany and then to obtain the citizenship.

Business migration in Germany

Opening a company for obtaining a residence permit in Germany, business migration

Germany is a country open to foreign investors, here you can open your own business, become an entrepreneur in a free profession (freelancer), buy a company or invest in innovative projects. In this section of our website you will learn how to obtain a business visa for business immigration, emigration to Germany and obtain a residence permit, as well as what information and financial support start-ups in the country can receive.

Getting the refugee status, the asylum in Germany

Getting the refugee status, the asylum process in Germany

In this section of our website you will find information about asylum in Germany, you will learn why refugees can be granted asylum in the country, the process of getting a refugee status is considered here as well. The page provides information about the rights and obligations of refugees, links to the laws that govern the granting of asylum, as well as what happens after a positive or negative decision on the part of the state.

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