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General information about the country, structure of Germany, lands and cities of the country, population of Germany

This section of the website contains detailed information about Germany: a general description of the country and its population, as well as the information about the administrative and territorial structure of Germany, the German federated states structure, as well as extensive information about the federated states. Several pages of this section contain the data about the cities: the population size of the cities, their area, location in the map of Germany, the population density. In addition, here you will find links to the pages of our website with the most interesting facts about Germany and the Germans, detailed up-to-date information about the country's population, its size, composition, growth; you will find the answer to the question as to how many migrants from different countries of the world reside in Germany and many other interesting facts about the country.

All about Germany

All about Germany: economy, politics, population, geography, climate, flora and fauna

This page of our website contains information that will introduce you to the country of Germany and the Germans. Here you will find brief overview of the country, its geographical location, nature, climate; besides, you will learn about the German population: population size, languages, religion, authentic/ traditional food and clothing, hobbies and sports. This article also covers interesting facts, for example: what factors have made the German economy so strong; why Germany is called a social welfare state; whether the Germans believe in God; what the most popular sport in the country is, and much more.

Administrative and territorial structure of Germany

Administrative and territorial structure of Germany

On this page of our website you will find information about the administrative and territorial structure, the form of state structure, you will learn how many federated states, administrative districts, rural districts, and municipalities there are in Germany, find the lists of districts and the scheme of administrative and territorial structure with levels and units of administrative geography.

National symbols of Germany

All national symbols of Germany: flag, anthem, coat of arms, colours, cities, orders/ decorations, holidays, ceremonies

In this article you will find photographs and descriptions of various national symbols of Germany. Besides the official and well-known political symbols: flag, anthem and coat of arms, the article describes the national colours, cities, orders/ decorations, holidays, ceremonies and other symbols of the country.

Federated states of Germany, maps

Federated states of Germany and their capitals

Here you will find detailed information about the federated states, find out why the regions of Germany are called lands (in German: Länder), how many lands (federated states) there are in the country, which federated states are the largest and the smallest, densely populated and sparsely populated, which of them belong to the eastern part of the country and which - to the western one. In addition, the page contains a map of the federated states of Germany with their capitals, a list of the federated states of Germany and the capitals of the federated states in both English and German, as well as other analytical data. In this section you will also find extensive information as to each federated state.

Political order, structure of Germany

Political order and structure of Germany

This section of the website contains detailed information about the political order of Germany, the structure of the country’s government, as well as the lists of political parties and federal agencies in English / Polish and German. A dedicated page describes the way the political elections in Germany are held: who elects whom and how. A lot of information is presented in diagrams and tables for a more understandable and clearer insight. Besides, it may be of interest to get an idea about the domestic and foreign policy of the coalition agreement country.

as well as detailed information offered on dedicated pages:

Germany fedral budget

Germany fedral budget by year: structure, revenues and expenditures

Here you will find the figures and facts about the state budget of the country, changes in the amount of the federal budget by year, as well as the information on the structure and major items of the country’s financial plan. Besides, several pages of the website provide detailed information about the expenditures of Germany on health care, social needs, and other types of expenses.

Climate and weather in Germany

Climate in Germany: climatic zones, map, climate characteristics, climate change in Germany

In the climate and weather section of our site, you will find out which climatic zone or climate belt the country belongs to, what some of the climate features are, as well as how Germany is affected by climate change that is currently occurring around the world. In addition, the site section contains information about average air temperatures, precipitation/ rainfall and sunny days or hours in Germany by month, year, and also by federated state or region.

For more information about average annual temperatures, the number of sunny days and the amount of precipitation, see dedicated pages of our website:

Major cities of Germany

Major cities of Germany by population and area, metropolitan areas and metropolitan cities

Here you will find information about all major cities in Germany, find out which city is the largest in the country, as well as what metropolitan areas and metropolitan cities are located in the country. The page contains a list of all million-plus cities, as well as lists of large cities by population and occupied area.

Cities of Germany

List of German cities ordered alphabetically in English and German

This page provides a list of all German cities ordered alphabetically in English / Polish and German, indicating the size of the city and the part of the country to which it belongs. Here you can find information about the total number of cities and other localities in Germany, as well as the distribution of cities in the western and eastern parts of the country.

Find the city of Germany by name and letters for arrowords and crossword puzzles

If you want to find a city in Germany by the letters you know in the name of the city, which is often necessary when solving a crossword puzzle or an arroword, you can use our city search service and also browse the lists of popular cities whose names consist of 3 letters, 4 letters, 5 letters, 6 letters, 7 letters, 8 letters, 9 letters, 10 letters, 11 letters, 12 letters and so on.

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