Business, work and life in Germany in English

German in Germany: courses, proficiency levels and tests, study, translation of documents and texts, grammar

In this section of the website you will find various information devoted to the study of German and Russian in Germany, as well as issues regarding translation, and transliteration rules for the German language. In addition, you will find out what levels of the German language proficiency, tests and certificates exist in Germany and how you can take free (free-of-charge) state German language courses.

Free German language courses in Germany

Free-of-charge German language instruction courses, lessons and training in Germany

Information about free German language courses for migrants in Germany: state integration courses, as well as free lessons and German language training in groups. Find out what free courses you can take for work, study in Germany, and which language schools offer their paid and free-of-charge classes.

7 ways or opportunities to learn German on your own

How to learn German yourself: online courses and lessons, applications, textbooks

This article discusses 7 ways or opportunities to learn German on your own, yourself. You will find out what German textbooks and dictionaries are used in German courses, what professional free-of-charge online German courses and lessons are available on the Internet, you will find our selection of free German language learning applications, as well as links to the websites of popular German television channels, radio and media archives that can be used to listen to the German speech and read texts in German.

German language proficiency levels and tests in Germany

All German language proficiency levels and tests in Germany, Europe

What are the levels of knowledge of the German language (the German language proficiency levels)? How to check your German language proficiency level? What are the tests for checking the level of language proficiency? Where can I find free German language tests online? What proficiency level in German is required for studying, working and moving to Germany? You will find answers to these and some other questions on this page of our website.

Glossary of concepts and terms in Germany

Glossary of concepts and terms in Germany and the EU

On this page of our website you will find a glossary/ dictionary of concepts and terms used in Germany in various areas of life: work, or training; as well as explanations and definitions of various terms used in Germany related to life, finance, business, legislation, etc.

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