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This page of our site is intended for those who wish to place advertising banners about their products or services for migrants in Germany, those who are interested in living, working or doing business in this country. Information on the webpage:

Efficiency and prices of online advertising in Germany

According to the report of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. for 2016, in Germany, companies investments in online advertising (on Web sites and in mobile apps) are steadily growing. As of 2016, according to the Zentralverband der deutschen Werbewirtschaft ZAW e.V., the amount of investment in advertising on websites and in mobile apps in Germany amounted to more than 1.5 billion euros; out of the 12 advertising types analyzed, it is second only to advertising on television and in newspapers. Thus, in Germany, online advertising is especially relevant and significant.

It is difficult to estimate the current average price for online advertising in Germany, according to the data by Statista GmbH, one of the leading statistics portals in Germany, the average price for 1000 impressions of online advertising (TKP, Tausend-Kontakt-Preis brutto) in 2008-2010 ranged from 18 to 4 euros.

Sites for advertising

We place advertising banners on the sites belonging to the WWW.RU-GELD.DE sites group, please get to know them:


The RU-GELD.DE portal
An informational and analytical portal about Germany: analytical articles about life and work in Germany, services, calendar of vacations and holidays, as well as a calendar of events and information about vacancies.
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Living sparingly in Germany

Living sparingly in Germany
An information site about purchases, phone calls, mailings, travel, options for choosing and price comparison. It also contains a forum on purchases and reviews of products and companies in Germany, as well as online surveys on a wide variety of topics.
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Free classified ads and business advertising in Germany

Free classified ads and business advertising in Germany
This is a site of free personal classified ads for jobs, purchases and services, as well as business advertising in Germany. Besides, separate sections are dedicated to events, searching for relatives and acquaintances in Germany. Besides, the site contains catalogues of prices, sites and companies in Germany.
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Online stores for migrants and foreigners in Germany

Online stores for migrants and foreigners in Germany
Catalogues of online stores in Germany and other countries that provide delivery for residents of Germany, with a detailed description. The site lists the products and provides an opportunity to compare prices for them. Besides, there is a service for online sellers and products reviews.
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Site users, visiting traffic statistics

Topics of sites

Our websites are focused on the migrants in Germany; they are also appealing to entrepreneurs and private individuals from other European countries who are interested in moving to Germany, working or doing business in Germany.

As you can see, our sites are interesting information resources. They are totally unrelated to adult content, games and entertainment, so they are primarily interesting for economically active people.

Users spheres of interest

Most site visitors find our websites through the Google & other search engines. For example, here are a few search queries by which in the pages of our site are displayed in the search results (there may be differences in different languages):
parcels from Germany, money transfers to Germany, advertisements in Germany, salaries in Germany, benefits in Germany, pensions in Germany, the euro exchange rate in Germany, buy a business in Germany, vacancies in Germany, work in Germany, jobs in Germany, Russians in Germany, advertising in Germany, holidays in Germany, people search in Germany, online stores in Germany, phone calls from Germany, train tickets in Germany, insurance in Germany, calendar of Germany, statistics of Germany, auctions of Germany, rent an apartment in Germany, legal services in Germany, translation services in Germany, second-hand Germany
and many others in Russian, German, Polish, English.

Length of the visitor's stay on the website

The RU-GELD.DE group sites are interesting information resources and various services; approximately 30% of the site visitors are those who visit it over and over again. Each site visitor views an average of 2.2 pages of the website and stays on them for an average of 1 min. and 18 sec..

Number of page visits and page views

Some statistics about the website visitors for the annual period from june 2022 to may 2023 are presented in the table below, according to the Google Analytics reports:

Table: Website traffic data for the year

Website Visits Pageviews
The RU-GELD.DE portal 3'062'099 4'659'909
Free classified ads and business advertising 294'366 636'378
Living sparingly in Germany 84'135 130'523
Online shopping in Germany 50'303 108'822
TOTAL: 3'490'903 5'535'632

Thus, within 1 year, a banner ad (or a text link on a mobile device) with priority placement will be shown to the visitors about 5'500'000 times, while a banner ad (or a text link on a mobile device) with optimal placement will be viewed on average about 2'800'000 times.

Traffic statistics of our sites are recorded on the basis of the data from the Google Analytics online statistics system, obtained by this system via a special code located on each page of our site. If you are interested in more detailed information, go to the website traffic analytics page.

Efficiency of online advertising

Placing advertising banners on the Internet usually contributes to the following goals: website promotion, creating the image of a company or a product, increasing the volume of sales and attracting potential buyers and customers. How these goals will be achieved depends on various factors, including the demand for goods or services on the part of the website audience, the banner attractiveness, the landing page to which the banner leads, etc.

From the table below, you will find out the number of clicks through the banners of some of our clients who have placed or are placing advertising banners on our site. This can give an idea about the site's audience field of interests.

Site topics Type of placement Average number of clicks to go to the site for 1 month
Online store of women's clothing priority 653
Scientific and technical seminar in Hamburg in Russian optimal 216
New social network priority 573*
Immovable property offer for Europeans priority 240*
Online TV in Germany priority 873*
Translation services in Germany priority 264
Real estate offer for European residents optimal 167*
Holding a health workshop in Germany priority 384*
Russian photographer in Germany optimal 120
Forum in Berlin, business topics priority 658*

* - adjusted for the current number of the site visitors

Advertising banners provision: sizes and placements

Advertising banners provision: sizes and placements

We offer advertisers one standard banner format, the so-called "Wide Skyscraper" ad unit - 160px (width) x 600px (height). A banner can be provided in one of the two types of placement: (1) priority and (2) optimal.

Priority placement - banners are placed above all the banners with optimal placement, these banners are not replaced by other ones and are shown to each visitor when viewing each page.

Optimal placement - banners are placed below the banners with priority placement, in the same advertising space there are 2 banners that alternately replace each other, so on average, each banner is shown to each visitor of the site once.

Banners can be animated, but should not interfere with reading the information on the website page. They are placed on the left or right side of the page, depending on the site, starting from the top of the page, so the site visitors, when reading information, can see all the banners posted.

On our site we have only 4 placements for standard banners. Each time you view the page, all available banners are placed randomly, within their own type of placement.

The figure above shows the placement of banners on all sites. When viewing a site on a mobile device (narrow screen), instead of banners, a links block is displayed at the top of the page.

In addition, you can take advantage of the following advertising opportunities on our sites:

Prices and terms for placing banners

Terms of banner ads placement

The minimum term for placing a banner on our website is 6 months, the maximum is 12 months with the possibility of extension. The banner placement period can be extended if the advertiser, at least 1 month before the end of the paid banner placement period, informs about their inention to extend the banner display and pays for a new placement period.

Placement prices

Payment for the banners placed is not made for 1000 views, it has to be made for the period for which the banner is placed, regardless of whether the number of visitors is more or less than for the previous periods according to statistics presented above on the page.

You can also view all current prices in our price list for the placement and development of banners. All prices on this page and in the price list include all taxes and fees.

Type of placement Period of placement Price for the entire period Approximate price per 1000 impressions * Average number of impressions per month *
Priority banner placement 12 months 11 700 € 2,11 € 461'000
Priority banner placement 6 months 6 500 € 2,35 € 461'000
Optimal banner placement 12 months 5 850 € 2,11 € 231'000
Optimal banner placement 6 months 3 250 € 2,35 € 231'000

* - the data are calculated based on the statistical data for the period from june 2022 to may 2023.

Priority placement - banners are placed above all the banners with optimal placement, these banners are not replaced by other ones and are shown to each visitor when viewing each page. The average number of banner impressions for 1 year is 5'500'000 times.

Optimal placement - banners are placed below the banners with priority placement, in the same advertising space there are 2 banners that alternately replace each other, so on average, each banner is shown to each visitor of the site once. The average number of banner impressions for 1 year is 2'800'000 times.
Please note that the mobile device displays a text link at the top of the page instead of a banner.

The prices are fixed and shall not change under any conditions; nor do we place social advertising or test advertising.

Payment options: transfer to an account at a German bank, PayPal (credit card or account), A commercial invoice is issued for payment in accordance with the German law.

The cost of placement shall be paid immediately for the entire period of placement, banners begin to be displayed from the agreed date, but not earlier than the receipt of payment in our account.

Main conditions for placing banners

Full terms and conditions for placing banners on RU-GELD.DE will be sent to you by our person in charge (PIC) along with our commercial invoice.

Developing a new banner

In case the advertiser does not have a suitable banner, we offer the development of a standard banner, with low-pressure / non-intrusive animation, to attract the visitors attention. To develop a banner, the customer can provide a logo, a photo, some text, with the indication of the desired colour scheme and other requirements. The price for making a banner is 349 €.

Request for advertising placement

Use this form to apply for advertising on websites.

In response to your request, we will inform you about the possibilities and terms of placing banners. After agreeing upon the terms, type of placement and the banner itself, we will send you a commercial invoice along with full terms and conditions of advertising placement banners.

Contact person, account details:

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