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Recent and future events and news of 2023 and 2024 in Germany. Events calendar.

This page presents the events of 2023, 2024 года, relevant for the foreign residents of Germany, as well as for those who are interested in Germany: schedule of exhibitions, readings and recitals, concerts and theater performances, seminars in English, Polish, Russian and German. Events can be viewed through the calendar or by going to the appropriate section of the online newspaper. The data on the page is taken from the provisional plans, which are subject to change. For more accurate information, please contact the event organizers.

§ Calendar of upcoming events in Germany

The calendar of public holidays and school vacations in Germany can be found here.

§ Schedule of events in Germany for today, 02 december 2023, and for the coming days

For more accurate information, please contact the event organizers.

You can find out all the main news and events by going to the section of our website dedicated to the news in Germany: News in Germany: business, people, events, and poster advertisement

§ Share the event

If you want to post information about an event in Germany, which will be relevant for the English-speaking people in Germany, go to the website of our online newspaper: Post an event announcement. Event messages can be made free of charge; such messages are published in our event calendar and on our social media pages.

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