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The salary of a massage therapist in Germany: average salary of massage therapists in the country

Find out how much massage therapists earn in Germany: the average salary level for massage therapists. The data is based on research by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany.

§ Average gross salary of massage therapists in Germany

In the following table 1, information on average and median salaries is presented, according to the Federal Statistical Office data for the year 2022. Salaries are listed by profession groups that may correspond to or be related to the professions of massage therapists in other countries. Gross salaries are indicated, before the deduction of taxes and contributions from the salary per month, excluding special payments (Sonderzahlungen), for full-time employment in Germany.

Table 1: Average gross salary in Germany by profession

Group of professions Average, in EUR Median, in EUR Average, in USD *
Nicht ärztliche Therapie und Heilkunde
Non-Medical Therapy and Healing**
3'037.00 2'966.00 3'230.76
Professional categories:
Physiotherapie - Fachkraft
2'839.00 2'696.00 3'020.13
Physiotherapie - Spezialist
3'041.00 2'931.00 3'235.02
Physiotherapie - Experte
3'101.00 3'040.00 3'298.84
Ergotherapie - Fachkraft
3'560.00 3'904.00 3'787.13
Ergotherapie - Spezialist
3'047.00 3'020.00 3'241.40
Ergotherapie - Experte
3'267.00 3'287.00 3'475.43

In Germany, the term "Helfer" (assistant) efers to a worker performing simple tasks that do not require extensive professional training. "Fachkraft" (skilled worker) is a worker who has received professional education and performs skilled work. "Spezialist" (specialist) is a worker with technical or college education and a high level of expertise. "Experte" (expert) is a worker with higher education, experience, and performs complex skilled work.

Detailed information about the average salary in Germany and the average salaries for the countries of Europe and the European Union, can be found on an individual page of our website.

§ Salary information from job offers

The data in the table 2 is taken from the section "Jobs and job offers" posted by visitors on our online newspaper. Here you will find the latest job offers for massage therapists suitable for foreigners and migrants residing in Germany or labor migrants planning to move here.

Table 2: Salary information from job offers of massage therapists

Date Profession Salary information
march 2021
(job offer on Russian)
массажистка в Тайский салон (78727 Oberndorf am Neckar Talstr.12)
Work time: 8:00-20:00
march 2016
(job offer on Russian)
массажист (Berlin)
Work time: 8
october 2013
(job offer on Russian)
массажист (Берлин)
Work time: неполное


  • The EUR exchange rate in the tables is taken as of 01 march 2022 and amounts to 1.06 USD or 0.85 GBP at the European Central Bank exchange rate. The EUR, USD and GBR exchange rates in Germany
  • The translation of the group of professions and professions has been done from German using an electronic translator.

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