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The salary of a seller in Germany: average salary of salespeople/ sales personnel, cashiers in the country

§ Average gross salary of salespeople/ sales personnel in Germany

In table below, you will find the average salary in Germany published by the German Federal Statistics Office as of 2010. (Payroll taxes and social charges in Germany)

Table 1: Average gross salary in Germany by profession

Profession Hourly salary, in EUR Monthly salary, in EUR Monthly salary, in USD * Monthly salary, in GBP *
Verkäufer 14.72 € 2'493.00 € 2'711.14 2'145.10
Verlagskaufleute, Buchhändler 19.49 € 3'230.00 € 3'512.63 2'779.25
Kassierer 13.13 € 2'193.00 € 2'384.89 1'886.97

§ Salary information from job offers

The information on this page is taken from the section "Jobs and job offers" of our online newspaper. Here you will find the latest job offers for salespeople/ sales personnel suitable for foreigners and migrants residing in Germany or labor migrants planning to move here.

Table 2: Salary information from job offers of salespeople/ sales personnel, cashiers

Date Profession Salary information
april 2023
(job offer on Russian)
СРОЧНО!! Кассиры, Продавец в Мясной, Рыбный, Овощной отделы ! (Germany, Berlin Spandau, Reinickendorf, Linden Center)
Work time: Две смены
december 2020
(job offer on Russian)
Möbelverkäufer - Küchenplaner/ - rin
Work time: Vollzeit / Teilzeit
Gute Verdienstmöglichkeiten
august 2015
(job offer on Russian)
Продавец (Mall of Berlin)
Work time: 9-18; 12-21
1600 Евро/Брутто
september 2013
(job offer on Russian)
официанты, повара, помощники на кухню, продавцы в магазины, уборка домов, строители разных специальностей, разноска буклетов (Работа в Лондоне и по городам Великобритании)
Work time: -


* The EUR exchange rate in the tables is taken as of 01 march 2022 and amounts to 1.09 USD or 0.86 GBP at the European Central Bank exchange rate. The EUR, USD and GBR exchange rates in Germany

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