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The salary of a teacher in Germany: average salary of teachers , teachers, educators, coaches, tutors in the country

Detailed information about the average salary in Germany and the average salaries for the countries of Europe and the European Union, can be found on an individual page of our website.

§ Average gross salary of teachers in Germany

In table below, you will find the average salary in Germany published by the German Federal Statistics Office as of 2010. (Payroll taxes and social charges in Germany)

Table 1: Average gross salary in Germany by profession

Profession Hourly salary, in EUR Monthly salary, in EUR Monthly salary, in USD * Monthly salary, in GBP *
Hochschullehrer, Dozenten an höheren FS und Akademien 23.51 € 4'064.00 € 4'715.05 3'428.72
Gymnasiallehrer 24.73 € 4'039.00 € 4'686.05 3'407.62
Real-, Volks-, Sonderschullehrer 21.72 € 3'607.00 € 4'184.84 3'043.15
Fachschul-, Berufsschul-, Werklehrer 22.37 € 3'830.00 € 4'443.57 3'231.29
Lehrer für musische Fächer, a.n.g. 20.43 € 3'463.00 € 4'017.77 2'921.66
Sportlehrer 19.29 € 3'299.00 € 3'827.50 2'783.30
Sonstige Lehrer 19.08 € 3'258.00 € 3'779.93 2'748.71

§ Salary information from job offers

The information on this page is taken from the section "Jobs and job offers" of our online newspaper. Here you will find the latest job offers for teachers suitable for foreigners and migrants residing in Germany or labor migrants planning to move here.

Table 2: Salary information from job offers of teachers , teachers, educators, coaches, tutors

Date Profession Salary information
june 2018
(job offer on Russian)
Педагог, Тренер, Администратор (Katharinenstr.20, 10711 Berlin)
Work time: Полная и частичная
По договорённости
may 2017
(job offer on Russian)
Teacher (China)
Work time: 8.00 - 16.00
may 2016
(job offer on Russian)
Lehrer (hecodat)
Work time: 8.00-15.30
march 2016
(job offer on Russian)
Преподаватель (Ашаффенбург)
Work time: 8.00-19.00
25 € час
july 2015
(job offer on Russian)
Учитель английского и новогреческого языков (Дома) 30€ час
march 2015
(job offer on Russian)
Преподаватель / тренер MS-Office (Kaiserin-Augusta-Str. 76-77, 12103 Berlin)
Work time: По договорённости
По договорённости
march 2015
(job offer on Russian)
преподаватель (Центр Детского Развития «ОГНИВО», Висбаден)
Work time: после обеда и в субботу
гонорарная основа
august 2014
(job offer on Russian)
учитель русского языка и летературы
Work time: по договоренности
по договоренности
november 2013
(job offer on Russian)
Преподаватель английского или испанского или русского как иностранного языка по скайпу. (Не выходя из дома по скайпу)
Work time: не нормированный рабочий день
по договоренности


* The EUR exchange rate in the tables is taken as of 15 october 2021 and amounts to 1.16 USD or 0.84 GBP at the European Central Bank exchange rate. The EUR, USD and GBR exchange rates in Germany

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