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How to find a person on the Internet for free: 10 ways to search for people on the Internet for free

On this page you will learn how to search for a person for free/ free-of-charge on the Internet by their first name and surname, photo, phone number, address or e-mail address. To this end, the modern Internet provides a lot of opportunities, like: searching people on social networks, specialized directories of international organizations engaged in the search for missing friends and relatives, through special people search engines on the Internet, as well as through instant messengers or messaging services, IP telephony, etc. These methods will help in finding a person in any country of the world.

Before you start searching for a person, you have to collect all the relevant information on him / her, which will help you in the search. The data to be collected are listed below. For more details about what information on a person searched for should be collected and why see a dedicated page of our website.

§ Internet search systems, engines are the easiest way to find people

The simplest and the most popular opportunity for people searching on the Internet is the use of search systems, engines. Some search engines, say, Yandex, are equipped with a people search system. This system searches for available data on social networks and other sites. The disadvantage of using search systems, engines is that they provide a lot of information that is difficult to process and review. Search engines, on the other hand, do the search across the largest number of sites. Besides, using search engines, you can search for a person by photo.

Look for a person not only by their name and surname; indicate any, especially unique information. This may facilitate the search.

Google Search Possibility to search by any data, as well as by a photograph of the person. In order to limit the search results, put the name and surname of the person to be found in quotation marks, for instance, "Max Mustermann"; in this case, the search will be done for this phrase with an exact match. To search by photo, go to the Pictures section on the Google website and click on the camera icon in the search field to upload a picture.
Yandex Search The Yandex feature is that the system has a search for information about people Yandex People. The given server performs the search by social networks pages.
Other search engines To search for people on the Internet, you can also use other search systems:

§ People search engines on the Internet

Apart from the standard search for a person by their name and surname in Google, you can use websites, which are actually free-of-charge search-for-people systems. The given websites conduct search for people by social networks, telephone books and directories, other websites, e-mail addresses, photographs, etc. Having proceeded to such a website, you should specify the name and surname of a person searched for. On some websites, it is possible to search by the user name, nickname, school, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and by other details.

§ Search for a person in social networks and through search engines on social networks

At the present time, social networks contain an enormous number of registered profiles – for example, according to the information from Facebook, there are over 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) people in the given social network. Therefore, social networks provide an excellent opportunity to search for a person by their name and surname.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that there are sites that search for names and surnames simultaneously on all or some social networks, which greatly facilitates the search task.

Certainly, the given systems of search by social networks do not embrace absolutely all social networks, so, in some cases it might be necessary to search directly, by proceeding to websites of social networks.

§ Instant messengers, chats and IP telephony, VoIP

Besides, many people throughout the globe use the message-exchange services (instant messengers) or software for telephone calls via the Internet, which, too, provide search possibilities for their users. Of course, any user of the messenger can forbid giving out their profile in the search for users, but very few people do so. By running the program on your mobile device or computer, you can also search for people by their name and surname. The best known software is listed below:

§ People, events and property state registers

In many countries, there are registers of residence-registered persons, automobile plate numbers, debtors, criminals wanted by the police, individual entrepreneurs, etc. Turning to these registers can be helpful in the search or, at least, would enable you to exclude a person to be found from certain categories of persons. However, it is not always that information from such registers is provided on a free-of-charge basis. Proceed to websites of such registers in the country of your interest for people search – such websites can be found by doing a site search on Google using the phrase "Databases of private individuals" and the name of the country.

§ Search services of international organizations and private firms, companies

Various international organizations and services are engaged in the search for missing people as well as lost relatives and friends. On their sites, you can also apply to search for a person or check their databases to see if this person is looking for you or if someone else is looking for him or her. Below you will find a list of such organizations:

§ Search for a person in the phone book, in the phone directory

Telephone books, directories published on the Internet provide an excellent opportunity to search for a person for free. They can usually be used to search for a person by their name and surname, as well as by address and phone number. Below is a list of phone books, directories of various countries.

§ Registers of people searched for: search and registration

As mentioned above, states, as well as international organizations engaged in people search, post on the Internet lists of names and surnames, as well as photographs of people to be found. In addition, there are sites on the Internet with classified ads, in which people also leave messages about the search for missing persons or the search for relatives and acquaintances. These registries can be used to find out if the person you are looking for is looking for you, and if the given person is being searched for by other people, from whom you might receive information on the search results. The fact is that people usually seldom update information on bulletin boards and, even after a successful search, do not remove their ads, so by contacting them you might come to know some details.

In addition, you yourself can advertise for a person. Since search engines analyze and index such ads, they are likely to be read by the person you are looking for or someone among their acquaintances. To search for such sites, enter in the search engine the words: bulletin board search and, if necessary, the name of the city or country.

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