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The City of Nauen in Germany (in German it’s Nauen)

Brief information about the city, postal codes(ZIPs), phone, area, dialling code, international prefix, local time, population as of 2023.

§ Nauen: brief information about the city

The City of Nauen, in German Nauen, with a population size of about 20'000 people is a small town of Germany, covering an area of 268 km2, the city is located in the eastern part of Germany (formerly the German Democratic Republic) in the federated state of Brandenburg (The capital of the federated state is the City of Потсдам). The population density of the city is 72 people per 1 km2.

§ Nauen population, population density

The table below contains the population statistics for the City of Nauen versus the mean value per 1 city in Germany. This gives an idea of the city size and its population. Population data is sourced from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany.

The population of the city of Nauen in 2023.

Feature Value Mean value per 1 city in Germany
Population size, people 19'352 30'101
Number of men, people 9'617 14'771
Number of women, people 9'735 15'330
City area, km2 268 73
Population density, people per 1 km2 72 411

§ Nauen local time

The City of Nauen, like all other cities in Germany, has a single time zone, so the exact local time in the City of Nauen is the same as in all the cities of Germany:

Postal code(s) of the City of Nauen

The major postal code in the City of Nauen is 14641 (it consists of 5 digits, like all postal codes in Germany).


§ City of Nauen on the map

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§ City of Nauen phone code (or area, dialling code, international prefix)

For telephone calls to the City of Nauen, use its telephone code 3321. For calls around Germany, dial “0” (to access the DLD, domestic long-distance line) prior to the city code, that is 0 3321, and then dial the subscriber's phone number. For calls from other countries, first dial the international access code (which, for example, in UK is: “00”, two zeros), then the code of Germany 49, then the city code 3321 and the subscriber's phone number, for example: 00 49 3321 1234123.



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